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About Bill

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December 20, 2020
Tumbling Leaves 2001
Bill at Tumbling Leaves 2001 festival
Winterfest 2010 Winterfest 2010

Bill was born and raised in the Baltimore, Maryland area. His interest in Square and Round dancing began at the age of 7. After dancing for a number of years, it became more apparent that he would someday like a try at calling. In 1970 he began to start calling, and then attended a summer caller’s school conducted by Mac Parker. This began a career in calling. Bill attended many seminars and colleges: to name a few, Earl Johnston's and Al Brundage's in New Hampshire; Mac Parker’s caller school; and Cal Golden’s in Arkansas (for which Bill received a scholarship to attend).

A dream came true in 1985. This was the year he decided to make calling his full time profession.

Bill enjoys home life with his wife Judy and two daughters Cynthia and Elizabeth. Cindy and Jon have a son and daughter, while Elizabeth and JD have a daughter.

Bill maintains a full program at home that includes Aqua Squares in Southern Maryland, Boomerangs Teaching Council in Virginia, Dixie Stars in Virginia, Galaxy Stars in Baltimore Maryland, Old Dominion Squares Virginia and Swinging Aces in Baltimore Maryland. These clubs are from Mainstream Thru C1. Currently he has been teaching new dancers in conjunction with a teaching council using the Condensed Teach Method, and the same for the club in Southern Maryland.

Besides the home program, Bill travels just about every weekend. His travels have taken him to 44 states, 3 provinces of Canada, England, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Germany, Finland and Japan. He has been featured at many festivals throughout the country, and has taught several caller’s seminars and week-long schools. Bill is an Accredited CALLERALB Caller Coach.

Bill has been a member of CALLERLAB since 1977. He is currently on the Board of Governors of CALLERLAB and has served on the Executive Committee for two years. He has been a past Chairman of the Career Callers Committee, Advanced Quarterly Selection Committee and Vice Chairman of the Advanced Committee. Bill is currently Chairman of the Advanced Committee. Currently, Bill is serving on the Mainstream, Challenge, and Application Review Committees.

Over the past 25 years, Bill has had the privilege to record on some of the biggest and most storied labels in the square dance activity, including Red Boot, Pioneer, Kalox, Lou Mac and JoPat/ESP, and as a special guest on Global Music and Desert Gold. Bill is currently a staff artist for Elmer Sheffield Productions (ESP).

The greatest enjoyment in his chosen profession is the friends he meets in his travels, along with the entertainment and never ending learning of the choreography involved with the business. Friends set to music, what more could one ask for!

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